Old City Hotel



Wooooow!!! This hotel is the best one! So friendly receptionists! Would like to stay here again!
В этот отель попал из другого отеля Garden Palace, так как в забронированном мною номере в была сломана дверь. Меня уверяли что отель Old City ещё лучше... В результате меня заселили в номер с оборванными занавесками, грязным потолком, с дырявым постельным бельём, и отсутствующим минибаром. Слишком много нареканий для четырёхзвёздочного отеля. Никому не советую селится в эти два отеля!!!
Mike Long
This review is intended for US travelers. If you are only comfortable with Hilton or Marriott 5 Star type accommodations or if you have never traveled in the EU this hotel probably isn't for you. If you have traveled in Europe you will be just fine. The beds are comfortable, the showers are fine, the included breakfast is fine, and I found the employees to be friendly and accommodating. It is smack dab in the center of Old City, a mall is 1/2 block away with grocery stores with excellent take out/pre-cooked salmon, meats, veggies and salads, breads, wine, beer, chips, cokes, etc. etc. There is a pub restaurant across the street as well as one in the hotel, and there are pubs and restaurants all around the hotel. The rates are cheap, the staff is friendly, and you won't spend any money on taxi's because you are within walking distance of everything. If I go back to Riga I will stay there, and I recommend it UNLESS you are a high end traveler, if you are a high end traveler don't do it. It is a great deal in my opinion.
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